Yo-Yo Plant Hanger - 12 Pack | Double Clip Hooks

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  • PLANT SUPPORTER and PLANT TRAINING TOOL: professional gardeners dealing with droopy plants will love these Yo yo hangers. Featuring built-in spring stopper to secure the retractable string at a desired length when growing
  • ECONOMICALLY WITH DUAL CLIP HOOKS: offer extra plant support or more usage in a single one yoyo roller than those with only one hook preventing valuable plants from bending, snapping, or breaking at heavy stems and branches. Certainly worth growers' money to invest
  • MAXIMIZE HIGHER YIELD: gently train plants to receiving more grow light and more space for flowering and fruiting. Carefully protect stem and branch such as cannabis tomatoes alike vine crops or other heavy cropping plants from falling or leaning
  • EASY THAN EVER: hanging it above a plant with a rope or beneath roof of grow tent or ceiling of indoor garden and effortlessly readjusting finishing line on plant yo-yo with stopper. Lock and unlock the stopper to retract or tighten to secure the spring tension mechanism as plants grow
  • Pack of 12, RESTRACTABLE 60'' HEAVY-DUTY TRANSPARENT FISHING LINE: As the plant grows taller, fishing line retracts while continuing to gently hold it up. Alternatively, you can use the stopper to keep the line at a static length
Yo-Yo Plant Hanger - 12 Pack | Double Clip Hooks