W2G Probiotics

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A billion little microbial minions that live only to clean your root system! Probiotics contains 16 species of Endo and Ecto Michorrizal Fungi, 8 species of Trichoderma, 57 beneficial bacteria microorganisms with 1.4 billion probiotic colony forming units per every gram. Probiotics outcompete and starve anaerobic (bad) bacteria and keeps your roots whiter than snow.

Use: Seedlings, rooted cuttings and all cycles of plant growth and flower.

Run to waste: Re-introduce Probiotics weekly directly into the pots. Bring them to life first in a
bucket of tepid water with two tablespoons of raw sugar and an air stone. Brew for 6 hours
stirring regularly. Further dilute and distribute evenly into individual pots with a watering can.
Recirculation or header tank application: A Bio Ball filter (think tropical fish tanks) on the side of
your header tank will ensure billions of healthy bios have a permanent, well oxygenated home to
multiply and continually re-inhabit your root zone. Otherwise apply as per run to waste.

IMPORTANT – Keep water temperatures between 18°C and 25°C. Oxygenate the tank and keep
water permanently agitated.

W2G Probiotics