Spot-On Quantum Par Meter

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Provides accurate PAR light readings from ANY light source:

– Full sun to full shade indoors or outdoors.
– Artificial light sources (LED, High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide,
Florescent, Halogen…).

Three modes of operation:

– Instant Spot Measurement mode for PAR light readings.
– Scan mode for quickly averaging PAR over an area.
– DLI mode shows Daily Light Integral on the LCD (no computer needed).

Compact and easy to use.

Water and impact resistant.

Integral mounting plate for: stand, stake, lanyard & hanger hole, and magnet mounts.

1/4-20 threaded hole for mounting on camera tripods and stands.

Includes a sensor cover and soft carrying case.


0.0 to 6,500 μmol m-2 s-1

DLI (Daily Light Integral):
0.0 to 560.0 moles m-2 day-1

Display Resolution: PAR Light:
0.1 μmol m-2 s-1 from 0.0 to 99.9
1 μmol m-2 s-1 from 100 to 6,500

0.1 moles m-2 day-1

Accuracy: +/- 5% (each meter is calibrated to a NIST traceable light sensor on a broad-spectrum light source)
Azimuth Error: +/- 1% over 360°
Daily Light Integral (DLI): Calculated continuously from light readings every 3 minutes
Water Resistant: IP-65 rated for use in rain, irrigation, and condensing environments (do not submerge)
Operating Environment: 32-130°F(0-55°C) with 0-100% RH condensing ok
Battery: CR2032 3v coin cell lithium included (2-year battery life)
Size & Weight: 1.75in(4.5cm)W x 5.75in(14.6cm)L x .85in(1.8cm)D
Response Data: Spectral Response

Cosine Response

Spot-On Quantum Par Meter