Southern Star LED | SS420+ Medic | Botanical LED

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Introducing The Southern Star, Australia's First Commercial Botanical LED Grow Light.



Early considerations in our quest to develop the perfect botanical LED centred not around components and alloys, we’re experts at that, but on recreating the sun – the best grow light of them all.



The next question our lighting engineers posed was, ‘Okay, recreate the sun in which season and which phase of the day? Light is never static. With a static spectrum we must play pin-the-tail on the donkey from the endless choices the sun presents.’

The latest data from the Photo-bioenergetics Group at the Australian National University in Canberra demonstrates that, ‘In strong white light...the quantum yield of photosynthesis would be lower in the upper chloroplasts [of leaves], located near the illuminated surface, than that in the lower chloroplasts. Because green light can penetrate further into the leaf than red or blue light, in strong white light, any additional green light absorbed by the lower chloroplasts would increase leaf photosynthesis to a greater extent than would additional red or blue light.’

We use nature as our template, and that big old star shining above us is quantifiable, and reproducible. There is nothing difficult, or original, in flooding a luminaire with cheap red chips to impress the metrics of a PAR meter. Current research demonstrates that a true botanical LED light requires much more sophistication. You can read that research here.




How much does your money buy?

Does your money buy a purpose engineered, expertly finished, pure aluminium cold-forged housing intended to cool and preserve premium components and to work for a lifetime? Or are you buying something mounted to a slab of alloy with some driver attached?



 Does your money buy Top-Bin CREE and Lumiled chips properly mounted by sophisticated machinery in laboratory conditions and performance warrantied for 5 years? Or are you buying the cheap lesser brand chips set in their dozens someplace overseas and run at low enough potential to offer their meagre and alleged ‘warranties’?



Does your money buy an intelligently mounted Meanwell HLG driver to optimally power your precious LED chips under Australian conditions? Or are you too buying a hotbox driving, some import not approved to operate on the Australian power grid?



 Does your money buy a professionally designed and purpose built Botanical LED grow light that is much more than the sum of its premium parts – one tuned by experienced growers to the needs of your plants and not to industry tricks?



Does your money buy the most LED grow-light it can, or just whatever LED grow-light is left over after the import taxes and freight? The SS420+ Medic is the most LED grow light your money can buy – a true botanical LED grow light built and tuned by Australia’s best, for Australian conditions, and Australian budgets – and one backed by an Australian 5 year warranty.


Specs & Features

  • Full True Botanical Spectrum.
  • Top Bin Cree & Lumiled Diodes.
  • Deep Canopy Penetration Technology.
  • Top Quality MeanWell HLG Driver.
  • *IP66 Rated, Dust Tight & Protected Against Powerful Jets Of Water (Without Dimmer)
  • Made In Australia In Compliance To All Relevant Australian Codes.
  • Cold Forged Aluminium Smart Heat Sink. *
  • Lifetime: >62,000.
  • 5 Year Full Australian Backed Warranty.
  • Plug & Play.
  • Reduce Up To 58% Of The Heat load From Lighting On HVAC Systems.
  • Suitable As Stand Alone & Supplemental Greenhouse/Commercial Lighting.


* Aluminium Alloy - 150 W/m K (other grow lights )
* Cold Forged Pure Aluminium - 237 W/m K (58% better efficiency for greater HVAC savings with the SS420+ Medic)



  • Efficacy – 2.52 μmol/s/J - @ 20" / 50cm Hanging Height - 1.2 X 1.2m (4ft X 4ft)
  • PPF – 1058 μmol/s - @ 20" / 50cm Hanging Height - 1.2 X 1.2m (4ft X 4ft)
  • Input Voltage – 240V
  • Power Consumption – 420+W
  • Amperage Draw – 1.8A
  • Heat-sink Material– Cold Forged Aluminium
  • Product Weight - 14.1kg / 31lbs
  • Product Size – 400mm Diameter, 250mm Height
  • Lumens - 67,000
  • Lifespan - > 60,000 Hrs
  • Beam Angle - 120 Degree
  • Dimmable – 0-100%


Hanging Height

  • Vegetative: 60cm – 90cm
  • Flower: 45cm - 60cm

Coverage Area

  • Vegetative: Up to 1.4 x 1.4 meters
  • Flower: Up to 1.2 x 1.2 meters




Southern Star LED & it's associates state that our products are to be used only for lawful purposes and it is the responsibility of the purchaser/company (licensed medicinal cannabis cultivation, licensed research & development cannabis cultivation) to know and abide by all laws pertaining to the use of our products. Southern Star LED will not be held liable for any unlawful use or activity arising out of the post-sale use of our products and by purchasing our products, the purchaser/company is agreeing to these terms & conditions.

Southern Star LED | SS420+ Medic | Botanical LED
Southern Star LED | SS420+ Medic | Botanical LED
Southern Star LED | SS420+ Medic | Botanical LED