Redback Evaporative Cooler Single

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Redback Evaporative Cooler – 300mm

Redback Chiller is the most efficient evaporative cooler on the market.

Redback Chiller is a step above the competition with its improved evaporative core and newly refined tapered flange design. Simply install a Redback Chiller in front of your intake fan. Centrifugal fans or Mixed Flow fans are recommended for high volumes of cool air delivery (not included). Pulling air through the Redback chiller (as opposed to pushing air into) is the most efficient method of use. Use at least 1 metre of duct between the Redback Chiller and the fan to ensure even airflow over the evaporative core. Redback Chiller can reduce grow room temperatures by up to 10 degrees in dry-to-temperate climates. Redback Chiller comes fully assembled in the box and includes a water pump and float-valve. Connect directly to a gravity fed reservoir or mains water via 13mm hose. Available with both single or double sided duct flanges  (300mm duct flange).

Pro Tip: Mains water sources with overly high pressure may require less tap flow or a pressure regulating valve to avoid potential leaks.

Redback Evaporative Cooler - Benchmark Bioponics
Redback Evaporative Cooler Single
Redback Evaporative Cooler Single