PS1 T5 Expander Module

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This is the module kit to increase the number of lights on a PS1 Light Kit.

 The PS1 add on lighting system is ideal for propagation of seeds and cuttings, as well as microgreens. This is an add on extender for existing PS1 lighting systems.

The PS1 light system is a T5 Fluro system that allows you to add lights as needed. The basic kit is 2 lights. You can add an extra 1 or 2 light units to this to make a 3 or 4 unit. You can add more units up to 8 bars, but you will need the long (wide) spines

The PS-1 light kit comes with 2 light fittings each fitting holds one high output fluoro with its own highly efficient reflector. The PS-1 Light kit is very simple and easy to set up it plugs straight into the wall - the spines clip perfectly onto the frame of propagation clone tents.

  • Available in a 8500K lamp (purple) for propagation and growth and a 6400K lamp (white) for general growth
PS1 T5 Expander Module
PS1 T5 Expander Module