Phresh Hyperfan Climate Control V2

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The new Phresh Hyperfan Climate Control v2 is easy to use with complete control of your environment. You can set your desired temperature as well as minimum fan speed. It can automatically control your both inlet and outlet Phresh Hyperfan v2.

  • Extremely simple to use. Just set the two dials and forget!
  • The lowest energy use of any fan/filter/controller system
  • Thermostatically changes the fans RPM/speed as needed
  • Constantly maintains the optimal day time temperature
  • Fan speed falls back to custom set RPM on cold nights
  • Operates 2 Hyper Fans at once (Inlet & outlet fans)
  • All cords, plugs and adaptor cables supplied. 
  • Plug & Play
  • This controller is designed for Hyperfan v2 or Silenced Hyperfans v2 only.
Phresh Hyperfan Climate Control V2
Phresh Hyperfan Climate Control V2