Nutriculture Gro-Tank NFT Complete System

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Nutriculture have released their latest system, The GRO-TANKNFT a recirculating nutrient film technique offering monster root zones and unparalleled growth rates.

A tailored nutrient solution runs over the specially designed root mat that the plants sit on this encourages extremely fast root growth, as feeding is continuous the only maintenance involved other than standard cleaning is to top up the concentration as it depletes.

Zero waste – the only growing medium used is the Rockwool/grow wool cube the plants were started in. This means greater control, disease prevention and less waste material to throw away in between maintenance.

Low profile! Get more out of any space - Gro-Tank NFT systems are just 20cm tall so plenty of room for stands if a preferred starting height is needed.

Your plants will have greater access to optimum amounts of hydrogen, oxygen and nutrition all at the same time. This results in larger harvests with a huge increase in quality.

A properly designed NFT system must have the right channel slope, the right flow rate, and the right channel length. Our NFT systems took many years to perfect, it's no wonder they are Europe's best sellers.

  • 1x Base Reservoir
  • 1x Channel Slope
  • 1x HydroPro 550 Water Pump
  • 1x Nutriculture NFT attachment
  • 1x Roll of Root Matting
Nutriculture Gro-Tank NFT Complete System