Spectrum King Mother’s Lil' Helper 140W LED Grow Light | 240V | Replaces 250W HID

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The new and improved Mother’s Lil' Helper 140W V2 for Veg & Bloom!

Start saving on your power bill today with this small but super intense 140W LED Grow Light, designed to work specifcially for Vegative growth. The Mother’s Lil' Helper 140W LED Grow Light is all you need for healthy lush vegative growth. With rugged IP65 rated water resistant housing, the Mother’s Lil' Helper 140 is perfect for wet and humid environments. Made for smaller grow spaces and shorter plants.


  • Replace your 250 Watt HID bulbs with these high efficiency LED grow lights designed for closets, tents and smaller grows.
  • Designed especially for VEG growth
  • Rugged IP65 Rated water resistant housing is perfect wet and humid environments.
  • Extra efficient heat sink minimizes radiant heat.
  • Each light ships with a six-foot power cord, and eye-hook for easy installation.
  • Safe for outdoor use
  • Get much more light with the same power consumption as the last generation
  • Comes with Warranty: Spectrum King Closet Case 140w LED Grow Light is guaranteed to maintain 90% or better light output for 3 YEARS with regular use. No other company guarantees this much light output for this long.


Spectrum King LED grow lights are full spectrum white mimicking the radiation plants would receive from natural sunlight. This light output is optimal for growing, leading to increased yields and healthier plants. The white light is also gentle on your eyes, eliminating the need to use LED glasses to protect your eyes from the dizzying red and blue lights. The Spectrum King LED lights are so easy on the eyes that the manufacturer uses their 100W grow lights as high bay lighting in their own factory!


When compared to traditional HPS/DE  bulbs, Spectrum King LED grow lights save over 60% on your energy bills and will save up to 70% on HVAC cost. Spectrum King full spectrum LED grow lights have the LEAST light degradation in the industry, backed up with proof and added warranties.

The 140W Mother’s Lil' Helper V2 uses less than half the amount of electricity when compared to CMH or HID grow lights. Based on light output and grow area, this light is about the equivalent of a 315W CMH or a 400W HID. Based on an average daily use of 12 hours per day, you will save approximately $230 per year compared to a HID light, and $150 per year compared to a CMH fixture.


Spectrum King full spectrum LED grow lights are the most efficient and brightest grow lights in the industry and are proudly MADE IN THE USA. Spectrum King uses the best-LED chips and high-quality components.


The 140W Mother’s Lil' Helper V2 offers a 0.8 x 0.8M coverage area for Veg & Bloom.


Spectrum King utilises premium quality heat sinks, negating the need for noisy cooling fans in the LED lights, which in turn helps save power. The lights give out minimum heat radiation, which will be a massive benefit during the Australian summers.


All Spectrum King LED grow lights are rated IP65, meaning that they are dust proof, as well as low pressure water proof. In other words, you will be able to hose off your grow light to clean it. It is also perfect for using outdoors, in humid conditions and in the presence of foliar sprays.


Spectrum King offer a 3 year mechanical warranty, and Spectrum King is the only LED grow light manufacturer to offer a 3 year warranty on light output: a guaranteed 90% of better brightness over the first 3 years. Tests have shown that light output will remain above 90% of the original brightness for the first 30,000 hours of use (which equates to 6.5 years of 12 hour daily usage), and above 80% for the first 62,000 hours.



  • Input Voltage – 110V – 277V 
  • Frequency Range – 50~60Hz

  • Ideal Replacement – 250W HPS Fixture
  • Lumens – 12,000
  • BTU – 478
  • CCT - 4905
  • LUX - 49877
  • PPFD - 761.0 @1ft
  • PPFD - 370.7 @18"

  • Light Beam Angle – 120 Degree
  • Body Lens – Glass
  • Body Case Material – Die Cast Aluminum
  • Product Size –10″W x 6"H 

  • Net Weight – 10.4 lbs ( 4.7Kg )
Mother’s Lil' Helper 140W LED Grow Light 240v - Benchmark Bioponics / Benchmark Horticultural PTY LTD
140W Spectrum King Mother’s Lil' Helper LED Grow Light V2 - Benchmark Bioponics