Hy-Gen pH Buffer 7 250mL

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A solution for the calibration of pH meters at pH 7.0

  • Size - 250ml

Hygen pH Buffer 7 is important as the upper calibration point in the "two point" calibration of electronic meters. Regularly calibrate your pH meter with both pH Buffer 4 and pH Buffer 7 calibration solutions to ensure that your meter is operating with precision and accuracy between pH 4 and 7.

You should monitor the pH on a daily basis - as plants grow, their demand for nutrients increases. This means the pH can fluctuate, therefore it should be tested and adjusted to maintain an optimum working nutrient solution. Nutrient requirements vary from plant to plant, meaning the ideal pH for nutrient uptake varies from plant to plant also.

How to use:

  • Pour some of the solution in to a clean container, enough to cover the probe.
  • Clean and sanitize the pH probe
  • Insert the probe to the solution
  • For Auto calibration meters just press on the pH7 button on your meter.
  • For manual calibration meters you will need to manually adjust the pH reading to 7.
  • Please check your pH meter manual for more information on how to calibrate your meter.
Hy-Gen pH Buffer 7 250mL

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