Hy-Gen EC Calibration Solution 2.76 [250ml]

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Hygen CS2.76 - A premium Electrical Conductivity calibration solution of a known conductivity for the calibration of conductivity meters. It is essential to calibrate your EC meter regularly, and Hygen Conductivity 2.76 solution helps. The measurement of available nutrient in the solution is measured as the electrical conductivity, with conductivity increasing with the nutrient strength.

Nutrient requirements vary from plant to plant, therefore the ideal conductivity varies from plant to plant also.

Hygen EC Calibration Solution 2.76 Specifications

  • 2.76 mS/cm
  • 1840 ppm
  • CF 27.6

How to Use Hygen EC Calibration Solution 2.76

  1. Pour some of the solution in to a clean container, enough to cover the probe.
  2. Insert the probe into the solution to clean and sanitize the EC probe
  3. Please check your EC meter manual for more information on how to calibrate your meter.
Hy-Gen EC Calibration Solution 2.76 [250ml]