Hy-Gen EC Conductivity - 2.76 | 250ML / 500ML /1L | Calibration Solution for EC PPM Meter

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 It is essential to calibrate your EC (electrical conductivity) meter with CONDUCTIVITY 2.76 solution regularly. The measurement of available nutrient in the solution is measured as the electrical conductivity. The units used to report the readings are millisiemens per centimetre (mS/cm), Conductivity Factor (cF) or parts per million (ppm).

The conductivity increases with nutrient strength. Distilled or deionised water will give a near zero reading. As a general guide for hydroponics: 1mS/cm = 10cF = 700ppm. Nutrient requirements vary from plant to plant; therefore the ideal conductivity varies from plant to plant also.

HY-GEN® Calibrations solutions are made according to international standards. The pH ELECTRODE STORAGE and PROBE CLEANER solutions are the same quality as those used in laboratories for the safe cleaning and storage of electronic meters. All calibration and care solutions are made using high quality analytical grade constituents.

HY-GEN® is the mark of guaranteed quality. All formulations and procedures have been prepared under careful supervision by our qualified chemist who has more than 25 years experience.

  • Made According To International Standards
  • Safe Cleaning And Storage Of Electronic Meters
  • Guaranteed Quality


Hygen EC Calibration Solution 2.76 Specifications

  • 2.76 mS/cm
  • 1840 ppm
  • CF 27.6

How to Use Hygen EC Calibration Solution 2.76

  1. Pour some of the solution in to a clean container, enough to cover the probe.
  2. Insert the probe into the solution to clean and sanitize the EC probe
  3. Please check your EC meter manual for more information on how to calibrate your meter.
Hy-Gen EC Conductivity - 2.76 | 250ML / 500ML /1L | Calibration Solution for EC PPM Meter