Hi-Par Dynamic Reflector (Reflector Only)

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Dynamic Reflector

The HI-PAR Dynamic Reflector is the most adaptable yet powerful reflector on the market. The unique engineering allows for customisable footprints and adjustable passive venting solutions. This ensures heat management and light output is significantly more manageable! 

The Dynamic Range can be operated as a vented style or closed-hood reflector with a quick and simple adjustment. This clever design also allows for the ballast to be mounted onto the reflector, or run remotely outside the cultivation room. 


The team at HI-PAR understand the demands of a cultivation facility, so we also include Rope Ratchets, a massive 4.5m extension cable, to suit every growing need!




  • The ‘Open-Wing’ style allows for heat to naturally dissipate from the bulb

  • The ‘Closed-Wing’ option encourages the most direct footprint for your crop

  • Provides incredible light uniformity and heat management

  • Also includes a 4.5m reflector extension cable for your convenience

  • Available in E40 (Single-Ended) or DE (Double Ended) design





  • Adjustable ‘Dynamic’ Reflector 

  • SE (E40) or DE Lamp mount 

  • MIRO Dimple Aluminium

  • Engineered for maximum PAR reflectivity

  • Run ballast remotely or All-In-One





  • HI-PAR Dynamic Reflector (SE or DE)

  • 4.5m Extension Cable

  • Mounting bracket with heat reducer

  • 2 x Rope ratchet hangers

Hi-Par Dynamic Reflector (Reflector Only)
Hi-Par Dynamic Reflector (Reflector Only)