House & Garden Magnesium MgO 8% - 1L | Cure for MG Deficiency

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The nutrient Magnesium (Mg) stimulates an undisturbed plant growth. Magnesium is an important building block for chlorophyll. Magnesium deficiency may lead to a lower yield.

Mgo 8% Magnesium gives plants their fresh, healthy and green appearance. The nutrient is an important building block for chlorophyll and plays a key role in the photosynthesis (the storage of light energy in sugars). It contributes to the strength of the tissue and the cell wall and is a building block for various enzymes. A lack of Magnesium will cause the leaf to turn yellow while the veins will stay green. The leaves will also fall earlier.

Dilution rate of Mgo 8% Magnesium is 0.5ml/L

  • Use MgO 8% Magnesium throughout the entire growth cycle.
  • Prepare your nutrient container by first adding your base nutrient (e.g Cocos, Hydro or Soil) to the water container. Adjust your EC of the nutrient and then add your MgO 8% Magnesium. Adjust the pH value to harmonise with the nutrient solution.
House & Garden Magnesium MgO 8% - 1L | Cure for MG Deficiency