Growth Technology COCO Grow A+B - 2x1L | Vegetative Stage

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Coco fibre has rapidly become the leading hydroponic growing medium in Australia. Being unique in its physical characteristics, it requires an equally unique nutritional programme. Organically enhanced with fulvic acid and tailored specifically to coco fibre’s unique characteristics, GT COCO is simply the best choice for achieving outstanding results consistently. The precision formulated mineral profile compensates for the tendency of coco fibre to lock up available calcium whilst the fulvic acid acts as a biological stimulant, enhancing cell division, and mineral and oxygen availability and uptake.

GT COCO Grow is designed to meet the needs of plants during the vegetative stage, encouraging rapid leaf and shoot development.

  • Gradually increase the nutrient strength during each cycle ie, start on 1.5mS during the Vegetative growth stage and gradually increase it to 2.0mS towards the end of the stage,
  • DO NOT IGNORE pH. Certain minerals can become inaccessible to the plant when the pH of the solution is outside the recommended range. If using a pH Test Kit, aim for ‘6’.
  • Both Grow and Bloom has an ‘A' part and a ‘B’ part. These must be added in equal amounts as per instructions to maintain the ideal nutrient profile for the plant.
  • Re-circulated nutrient tanks should ideally be changed once a week in order to maintain the optimum mineral nutrient profile in the tank.
  • To introduce an organic component to your nutrient solution, use GT FULVIC.
  • To maximize the flowering potential of your plant during the flowering stage, use GT SUPER.
  • For a plant with extra strength and vigor, add GT SILICA to your nutrient solution


  • Growth Stage: Vegetative
  • Nutrient: GT COCO Grow
  • Conductivity (EC): 1.2 - 1.6mS
  • pH: 5.8 - 6.2
Growth Technology COCO Grow A+B - 2x1L | Vegetative Stage