FlairForm GreenDream-1 - 1L / 5L / 20L | 1 Part Grow & Bloom

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1-part nutrient that produces vigorous growth from seed to harvest. Ideal for commercial cropping:

  • Does not require shaking and is compatible with auto dosing equipment such as Donations.
  • Is completely soluble runs extremely clean and has exceptional long-term stability. It is also capable of handling very hard and salty waters without unwanted issues such as blocked filters and drippers.
  • GreenDream-1 is a single-bottle that runs from seed to harvest. This is ideal for larger grows and inventory management. Based on our extensive field experience with commercial grows, we are easily able to utilize PK additives to offset the need for a separate grow and bloom nutrient.
  • Greater pH stability than most 2-parts.
  • Formulated from high purity mineral salts and chelated trace elements such as iron-DTPA. Nutrient ingredients have been improved to withstand pH's about one pH-point higher.
  • Available in larger pack sizes – 1L, 5L, 20L, - as is therefore practical for commercial-scale grows.
  • For hydroponics, coco and soil.
  • Dose rate 3-5ml/L (11-19ml/Gal)

Use only as directed Green Dream-1 uses "slurry" technology: produces superior balance and concentration compared to 2 part nutrients.

This helps ensure aggressive growth and prolific flowering.

Very simple to use. Greater pH stability.

Fewer plumbing blockage.

Apply during the vegetative phase:

  • Step 1: Shake well for 20 seconds.
  • Step 2: Add directly to water: Hydroponics: 5-7ml/L(4-5 tsp/gal). Soil/Coco coir: 4-5ml/L (3-4 tsp/gal).
  • Step 3: Stir well. Check pH is 5.0 - 6.5.
  • Step 4: For the recirculating system:

Check pH and EC as required. Replace nutrients every 7 days.

Note: For improved final harvest use with Roots, Grostorm, and Budgenie.

*Use the lowest dose rate when above 30°C / 86°F. or the water's EC exceeds 0.5ms.


FlairForm GreenDream-1 - 1L / 5L / 20L | 1 Part Grow & Bloom