G-Lite Black With Handles - 1.9L 3.8L 11L 19L

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One solution for all your fabric pot needs.

G-Lite and G-Lite XL fabric pots are constructed of a slightly thinner fabric than the GeoPot fabric pot, giving growers an economical alternative for large scale growing operations. The breathable fabric construction allows air to easily reach your plant’s root zone, delivering superior aeration and drainage, while enabling air root pruning, which encourages roots to self-prune and branch out with more fibrous feeder roots that are much more efficient in taking up water and nutrients. This prevents the plant from becoming root-bound and establishes a well-developed root system, leading to bigger yields.

G-Lite and G-Lite XL fabric pots are built with double-stitched seams of high-quality bonded-polyester thread. This sturdy construction allows for structural integrity during transplant and throughout a plant’s life cycle.

G-Lite and G-LIte XL fabric pots’ optional handles make it easy, quick, and safe to move your plants, while the square bottoms ensure stability and efficient space usage in your growing area. Optimized for large scale growers, G-Lite and G-Lite XL pack in all of the best qualities of the traditional GeoPot while cutting costs for cost-conscious cultivators on a budget.


G-Lite w/ Handles - Benchmark Bioponics / Benchmark Horticultural PTY LTD