Formula #1

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Formula #1 is a Bioponic growth enhancer PROVEN FOR OVER TWENTY YEARS that allows every plant to reach its full genetic potential!
Formula #1 is unique in many ways:
  1. Formula #1 produces a physical lift of all plant characteristics -- increased oils, sweetness, flavor, cellular strength and thickness etc.
  2. Formula #1 acts as a smooth catalytic booster, enhancing the natural chemical production and distribution network within the plant ensuring an even balance and redistribution as required, depending on the plant's growth phase.
  3. Formula #1 does not use chemical plant growth regulators. The use of many of these aggressive plant growth regulators can cause negative effects via their own synthetic agenda as the plant is forced into a behaviour unnatural to its metabolic functions.

The benefit for your plants?

  • No harsh chemical flavours
  • Doesn't "dry up" the developing fruits and oils
  • Much enhanced but not deformed fruit appearance


  1. Formula #1 stimulates a general uplift in the plant's vigor -- which in turn will help in resistance to disease, thus helping to avoid the use of harsh pesticides and fungicides near harvest.
  2. Formula #1 is compatible with ALL hydroponic nutrient concentrates. The two major Bioponic formulae available in the Australian Hydroponic market (Luther's Choice and the 2XS range) are totally compatible with formula #1, and are in fact, complementary to each other.


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