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FLIRmask Super High Reflective & Thermal Shielding 1m X 30m

FLIRmask is a ground-breaking material designed to offer unmatched thermal radiation reflection and FLIR infrared thermal shielding, for use in the military and horticultural fields.


Military Shielding

FLIRmask has a unique design which makes it unrivalled as FLIR infrared thermal shielding material.

Thermal ShieldingFLIRmask has a unique material compound which works as a heat shielding material offering truly superior insulation.

Super ReflectiveFLIRmask works as a reflective sheeting, the outer layer is 98% aluminium giving reflectance across the full spectrum.

Grow FilmWith industry leading super high reflective and thermal shielding properties FLIRmask is an ideal hydroponic grow film.

FLIRmask Foil ($18.33 per Meter)