FlairForm pH Electrode Storage - 250ML | Ideal for Bluelab & Other pH Meters

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Dry storage of pH electrodes is the most common cause of pH meter failure in hydroponics!

“pH electrodes last several years when stored properly”

pH electrodes should be stored in a specialized solution when not in use. This helps prevent dehydration of the glass electrode and porous frit (or wick) while preserving the electrode’s filling solution.    pH buffers and distilled water are not suitable for storing pH electrodes as they can upset electrode calibration.  Electrode storage solutions are carefully structured formulations that do not interfere with the chemical composition of the liquid/gel that is contained within the electrode.

Flairform’s pH Electrode Storage helps:

  • Maintain electrode accuracy and response time.
  • Eliminate reading ‘drift’.
  • Maximize electrode life-span.
Flairform Storage Solution 250mL - Benchmark Bioponics