FlairForm Electrode Cleaner - 250ML | Ideal for Bluelab & Other Nutrient Meters

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For pH & conductivity electrodes

"We have not needed to re-calibrate our pH meters for over 3 years!"
Analytical Laboratory

In many situations, Flairform’s electrode cleaner eliminates the need to re-calibrate. Electrode cleaners are usually made from acids, alkalis or chelates. However, these chemicals are largely ineffective for cleaning electrodes that have been contaminated by nutrient solutions.

Flairform Electrode Cleaner is:

  • Suitable for both  pH &  conductivity meter electrodes.
  • Removes both inorganic and organic contamination.
  • Restores electrode accuracy and response time.
  • Maximizes electrode life-span.
  • Unlike with other cleaners, the electrode does not require ‘rest’ time after being cleaned.
  • Easy to use: Soak electrode for 5 minutes.


Flairform Electrode Cleaner 250mL - Benchmark Bioponics