Can-Lite 2500 Carbon Filter - 1471CFM | 315 x 1000MM

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The Can-Lite carbon filter is the latest addition to the Can-Filters Carbon filter range. Recently released after years of testing and research, the Can-Lite has been developed with ease of installation, durability and effectiveness in mind.

The Can-lite is manufactured using a similar process to Can-Filter 'Classic but instead using a highly perforated, light aluminum casing and a special grade of virgin CKV-4 carbon. This allows the filters to be lighter and handle larger air flow rates without any odor breakthrough.

Made in the Netherlands.


  • Light weight virgin coal-based chip carbon
  • Perforated steel canister with NO MESH lining interior for higher flow rates
  • 50mm carbon bed for odour catching performance for up to 3 years!
  • High flow quality pre-filters for effective dust and humidity removal
  • Highest quality carbon filters made in Netherlands


Outside Diameter: 350mm
Max Flow Rate:  2500 m³/h
Height:  1000mm
Total Weight: 24kg
Thickness of Carbon Bed:  50mm
Installation:  Vertical or Horizontal 
Activated Carbon Type:  CKV-4 light
Max Operating Temp: 80ºC
Max Relative Humidity: 70%
Pre-Fitted Flange Size: 250mm or 315mm
Can-Lite 2500 Carbon Filter 315mm - Benchmark Bioponics / Benchmark Horticultural PTY LTD