Can-Fan RK Centrifugal Fan - RK250 | 250MM (10" Inch) | 477CFM | Plastic Body

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CAN Fan - Centrifugal Fan - RK250

The Can Fan centrifugal fans are specifically designed to operate in hydroponic grow rooms with a minimal drop in flow rate.
The CAN Fan range is manufactured by globally renowned "Ruck Ventilatoren" Germany, for Can Filters Holland. The Fans feature solid metal powder coat housing and reverse curve blade design offering extremely good power efficiency, low noise and high output.
The Flow rates stated below have been supplied by "Ruck Ventilatoren" under professional testing conditions and are TRUE values set for other regulated industries such as commercial ventilation. These rates may appear lower than other fans in the Australian market which use different testing conditions, or simply test their flow rates with Anemometers directly behind the fan outlet without any relevant pressure adjustments or connected wind tunnels.
  • 250mm
  • 830m3/hr
  • 231L/Sec
  • 477CFM


The Can Fan RK series of fans use the same motors and air flow control as the RS range. They are encased in a moulded durable polymer body. It's a matter of personal preference for the type of casing you require, but the polymer casing has allowed for addition of the RK-S and RK-W fans.


RK-W (with Temperature Controller)

The integrated electronic thermo sensor on these fans helps to control temperature. The target temperature is easily set by the adjustment dial. When a variation of more than one degree occurs, it activates an increase or decrease in the speed of the fan until the target temperature is achieved again.

RK-S  (with 4 Speed Controller)

The addition of the speed controller adds versatility. Each speed setting is factory set and calibrated to produce the most efficient output specific to each fan.
  • No need for extra electronic speed controllers or transformers.
  • Flexibility when the grower needs to make seasonal adjustments.
  • Convenience:¬†increases the ability to match fans with a larger range of filters.
Can-Fan RK 250 / 830m³h - Benchmark Bioponics / Benchmark Horticultural PTY LTD