Bluelab Pro Controller Connect ONLY - Compatible with Bluelab M3 M4 L3 Dosing Pump

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Bluelab Pro Controller

Full control of reservoir pH, conductivity and temperature in one place.

When connected to a dosing system the Bluelab® Pro Controller™ manages pH, conductivity and temperature levels in reservoirs. As your plants feed, pH and nutrients are automatically adjusted to the desired range.

Monitor, data log and control your system in real time for immediate response to personalised settings and system alerts, direct from your computer.

Customise your system by pairing with Bluelab® PeriPod™:

Choose which version will suit your system best. Read more in our dosing size guide, created to help you if you’re unsure.

  • PeriPod L3 Flow Rate up to: 1200ml/min per pump
  • PeriPod M3 Flow Rate up to: 120ml/min per pump


  • Bluelab Connect Stick Included


  • Control pH, conductivity and temperature when connected to a doser
  • Easy to navigate menu to program and adjust settings
  • ONE Bluelab® Connect™ Stick is included
  • Data logging capability (download free Bluelab® Connect Software™ online)
  • Remote viewing with Bluelab® Connect™ Software and Apps
  • Bright, plant safe green LED with adjustable brightness
  • Simple pH calibration with on screen instructions
  • High and low alarm control lockouts
  • Auto resume dosing on restart after power loss
  • Dosing lockouts to protect from over-dosing
  • Replaceable Bluelab® probes
  • Use Bluelab® PowerPod™ to connect to other mains operated dosers and/or heating or cooling devices


Bluelab Pro Controller Connect Base Kit - Benchmark Bioponics