AW Avenger Medium w/ DE Hellion Spine

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Adjust A Wing Avenger Batwing Reflector – SE or DE

The Avenger is the premium, top of the range Adjust-A-Wings Reflector. The super reflective surface is vapour coated with molten glass, titanium dioxide and is PVD / ceramic coated creating an enormous 95-97% reflectivity. This is the most reflective and most durable reflective surface on the market and it will maintain full refection for up to 20 years.



  • Double parabolic lighting reflector
  • Twice the power and efficiency of most other reflectors
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 97% reflective
  • Glass coated super alloy
  • Supplied with a Super Spreader
AW Avenger Medium w/ DE Hellion Spine