Seahawk Acoustic-Polyester Ducting | Dacron Filled | Noise Reducing

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Polyester/Dacron-filled ducting reduces skin irritation when it is handled. This duct has a grey insulation layer, and the inner ducting is fabricated with very fine holes. The outer side of the ducting is completely light and air tight in shiny aluminium foil.


How Does Acoustic Ducting work?

Acoustic ducting has an inner and outer layer of flexi-ducting, separated by a layer of insulating Dacron in between them. As air travels through the ducting it causes the inner layer of the flexi-ducting to vibrate. This would normally create a humming noise. The insulating layer of Dacron in the acoustic ducting prevents the vibration from getting from the inside layer of flexi-ducting to the outside layer of flexi-ducting. This reduces the hum from the duct vibration and dampens the sound of a ventilation fan.


How Effective Is Acoustic Ducting?

We have found that acoustic duct dampens the sound of fans by about 50%. Use this acoustic ducting along with a Phresh Silenced Hyperfan you can be 100% sure there will be barely any noise escaping from your ventilation system.


Acoustic Ducting Tip

To reduce the sound of the fan, make sure the ducting is stretched as straight as possible. The more friction there is along the ducting, the more sound and pressure on the fan there will be.


We supply this acoustic duct in 

  • 100mm
  • 125mm
  • 150mm
  • 200mm 
  • 250mm 
  • 315mm


Acoustic-Polyester Ducting 100mm X 5m - Benchmark Bioponics / Benchmark Horticultural PTY LTD