Hydroponics Supplies in Adelaide

Are you looking for a hydro store in Adelaide?

Benchmark Hydroponics ​is home to a broad range of supplies to enable you to create the ideal hydroponic system in Adelaide. We are a leading company and at our hydro shop in Adelaide, we have everything that you may require to ensure the optimal growth of plants. With our supplies, we have succeeded in helping growers across Adelaide get the right hydroponics equipment. Whether you are looking for grow tents in Adelaide, LED grow lights in Adelaide or nutrient solutions, we have your needs covered. We are always in the process of sourcing the latest products from top brands and you can count on us for all your needs. Browse through our range today.

High-quality Products for Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponics is a method that involves growing plants in a nutrient solution. For best results, it is necessary to equip the growing environment with the right equipment to ensure that the ideal temperature and light are maintained. With hydroponic gardening, you have complete control of all the growth factors. With extensive experience in the hydroponics industry, we understand your needs and can help you to increase both yield and quality.

We have knowledge about all types of grow setups and our products bring you access to an innovative range. We are at the forefront of what we do and have succeeded in offering exceptional service to our customers. No matter what your requirements are, we are well-positioned to offer the right solution.

Over the years, we have succeeded in offering an unrivalled range to our customers and have succeeded in building a reputation for excellence. When it comes to hydroponics systems, we are the supplier that you can trust. We have the knowledge and the expertise to bring you the best nutrients, additives and supplies to make your journey a fulfilling experience. We can help you set up a complete grow system that is easy to maintain and offers great results.


If you are looking for a reliable platform to buy hydroponic supplies, you have come to the right place. We have a streamlined process and bring you the latest products in the market. Our goal is to make it a seamless experience for our customers and if you choose to buy from us, you can get the best in terms of price and quality. We are always adding new products and you have easy access to the finest products from top brands. We understand that choosing the right product is a daunting task and are here to help you. If you have any doubts, we will be happy to help you make an informed choice.

Are you keen to create the perfect environment for your plants?

At our hydroponics store in Adelaide, you will get supplies that enable plants to flourish. By growing in a controlled environment, you can enjoy several benefits and keep your plants healthy. If you are looking for something specific or have questions, connect with us. We are here to answer your queries and make your hydroponic journey successful. Call us today