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      At Benchmark Hydroponics, we offer a complete range of Superthrive nutrients to produce abundant yields. Consisting of a unique, non-toxic vitamin, the nutrients encourage plant growth. Used by both professionals and gardeners, we have the finest nutrient solutions for all varieties of plants. If you are looking for nutrients suitable for hydroponics, explore the range that we have here. We are confident that you will come across nutrient solutions that best work for you.

      1 product

      1 product

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      The product line from Superthrive has emerged as a key tool for growers and is appreciated for its efficacy. With the nutrient solutions, you can increase crop yield and promote chemical balance. Superthrive is highly concentrated and works by building a strong root base. This prevents the shock of transplant and plants can develop the natural building blocks for healthy growth. It works as an amazing tonic for plants and is a growth promoter.

      For healthy growth, plants require nutrients and Superthrive offers vitamins that plants need to thrive. It can be conveniently used by various plants and different stages of growth with exceptional results. It works in bringing out new flowers and leaf buds. The flowers develop earlier and are larger in size. The nutrient can also be used on seeds to ensure the good growth of vegetables and flower crops. It is also used to revive stressed plants. If you are keen to maintain a bountiful garden, give Superthrive a try. The ingredients used are safe for your plants and it is easy to mix and use. If you are keen to infuse your garden with the right plant nutrients and minerals, browse through our products.

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      At Benchmark Hydroponics, we bring you plant nutrients, growth enhancers and additives from leading brands. As specialists, we are aware of the requirements of our clients and have everything that you may require to make a successful hydroponic system. If you are looking for the best products, the best prices and the best advice for your hydroponic journey, we are here to make it a reality for you. We bring you the latest product at the lowest possible price to offer amazing results. We stock only quality and proven products and would be more than happy to assist you.

      We are aware that choosing a nutrient solution requires careful consideration of several factors. You may find it a daunting task, but we are here to simplify it for you. With our formulations, you can be sure that your plants reach their full potential. If you are looking for nutrients to keep your plants robust and healthy, explore the options that we have here for you. Our platform brings easy access to an extensive range and you can shop online from the comfort of your home. If you have any questions or would like to find out more, get in touch with us. Call us today.