Spectrum King LED Grow Lights


      Looking for the most efficient grow lights?

      At Benchmark Hydroponics, we bring you a superior selection of grow lights from Spectrum to enable you to create the ideal indoor growing environment. We have grow lights to meet the specific needs of your space and whether you are a home grower or a commercial grower, we have the perfect options for you. Our lights are built to mimic sunlight and offer plants all the light they need for healthy growth. The lights do not produce much heat and this makes our range a suitable option for the environment too. With the Spectrum King Grow Lights, you can get a much better yield. Explore our collection of Spectrum LEDs today.

      3 products

      3 products

      Proven Light Sources for A Successful Yield

      Do you know what makes Spectrum King a popular option?

      Spectrum King Grow Lights are built by experienced LED professionals and designed with an emphasis on the grower’s perspective. As specialists, we understand the requirements of an outstanding harvest and bring you grow lights known for their reliability and practicality. Our range produces similar spectrums like that of sunlight and this ensures that the light has every colour. In any grow room space, cleanliness is an important consideration. There is the probability of bug infestation along with dust. There are LED lights that have fans but over time, the LED may be covered with dust. This may impact the lighting performance.

      The Benefits of Spectrum King LED

      The products from Spectrum are designed to be sealed from dust and moisture and are easy to maintain. They can be washed and offer uninterrupted performance.We bring you Spectrum lights in different models and types and based on the requirements of your indoor cultivation system, you can choose one that best works for you. The lights are easy to hang and you can choose an angle of your choice. The height can be adjusted whenever required.

      Buy Spectrum King LED Grow Lights

      At Benchmark Hydroponics, we have wide experience and are aware that oversaturating lights with just red and blue wavelengths can lead to underproduction. By using full spectrum lights, you can ensure sufficient nutrient intake and increase yield. The plants are sturdier and stronger. The lights that we bring you are designed to perfectly recreate natural sunlight and this makes them the perfect option for all types of indoor growing environments.

      Spectrum King LED in Australia

      With our online service, purchasing Spectrum LED lights is just so easy. We are committed to offering you the best and you can buy with confidence.If you are exploring grow light options online, we have huge choices in store for you. We are always adding to our range and bring you high-performance grow lights from leading names in the industry. We have authentic grow lights offering unmatched performance and reliability and you can count on us for all your needs. We understand that given the huge range of options, you may find it a daunting task to choose the right product. Our experts are here to help you and will explain the features of the Spectrum King LED Grow Lights. Speak to us today to find out more about our range.