Seahawk Grow Tents


      Are you looking for a Seahawk tent?

      We bring you the finest range of Seahawk grow tents, designed from quality materials. The Seahawk tent is extremely popular and is preferred for its durability and superior construction. Professionally designed to enable you to maintain the perfect growing environment, the Seahawk smart tent is suitable for both experts and beginners. Check out the collection today.

      18 products

      18 products


      The Seahawk Grow Tents are now available with a Mylar finish (Non-toxic) and is a great investment for hydroponic beginners and hobbyists alike. They are 100% resistant against the leaking of air and light. All GROW TENTS have multiple in/outlets and fixtures for easy attachment of carbon filters and 150mm lightproof flanges for ducting in and out! Also, all tents are made of water-resistant materials and have a separate splash tray that Velcro’s to the inside for unwanted spillages. We have a wide range of seahawk tents for you to choose from. If you would like to find out more about our Seahawk smart tent, feel free to reach out to us.