Luthers Choice Triple Pack: 5lt

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Our Luther’s Choice triple pack combines the best of inorganic cultivation and the unrivalled benefits of Bioponic technology in a liquid nutrient suitable for both soil and hydroponic cultivation.

Our triple pack delivers the complex biologicals your plants require for fast turnover and heavy yields, for larger, thicker fruits or flowers, and for outstanding taste and aromatics and potency. Our Luther’s Choice triple pack can be used with every substrate and fortifies your plants against frost, pests, and disease while its almost mix-and-forget technology makes it ideal for both the novice and seasoned grower.

This triple pack format allows growers to accurately customise their nutrient profile to suit their crop’s every cultivation phase and to push the limits of solution based gardening with clear and simple to follow instructions.

Luthers Choice Triple Pack: 5lt - Benchmark Bioponics / Benchmark Horticultural PTY LTD