Lumatek LED Grow Lights

      Benchmark Hydroponics brings you the perfect lighting solutions for indoor growing. We have a wide range of grow lights known for their performance and reliability. As a leading company, we are aware of the requirements of our clients and strive to bring you the best hydroponic equipment. Whether you are a beginner or professional grower, we have Lumatek Grow lights to enable you to create the perfect environment for your plants. We have authentic supplies from leading brands and if you are looking for lighting that is suitable for all stages of plant growth, explore the Lumatek collection that we have here. We are confident that you will not be disappointed.

      6 products

      6 products


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      Lumatek brings you professional lighting solutions at an affordable price. Offering strong full-spectrum lights, we have different options for you to choose from. The lights are equipped with a built-in dimming function for young plants and have something to suit every space. The build quality of our range is exceptional and they are easy to fit and replace. If you are planning to invest in horticultural lights, the range from Lumatek is a great choice and offers a significant return on your investment. Explore our range of Lumatek LED grow lights today.


      Lumatek is a leading manufacturer of horticultural lights and offers the most advanced and efficient range. Every product from Lumatek is built to the highest standards and offers the ultimate in durability and reliability. Whether you are looking for lighting solutions for domestic indoor cultivation or a large-scale horticultural project, we have the right options for you. The range is preferred for this practicality and aesthetic appeal and you are sure to find the most suitable LED fixture. The uniform spread of light ensures that a single source light is suitable for multi-layer cultivation. The light transmission is quite high and if you equip your indoor cultivation space with the lighting solutions from Lumatek, you can be sure of unparalleled performance.


      Our lights are built to increase yield and with our LED lighting you can improve crop performance. We wish to make it a fulfilling experience for our clients and have a huge range of options to choose from. You can conveniently buy online from our platform and be sure of getting the best in terms of price and quality. Our products are priced competitively and we have the best customer service. We understand that choosing the ideal lighting solution for indoor cultivation is confusing and wish to simplify it for you. In case you have doubts or need our help to make an informed choice, get in touch with our team. We have a knowledgeable and friendly team and will be happy to assist you. We have an array of choices and based on the precise needs of your project, will suggest a suitable option. Call us today to find out more