Hydroponic Ventilation Fans


      If you are looking for the most effective hydroponic fans, you have come to the right place. Hydroponic fans, like most hydroponics equipment, provide very important functions for plant growth and survival. All plants need airflow to grow. Efficient hydroponic fans remove humid air and supply fresh air to keep your plants growing fast and abundantly.

      29 products

      29 products

      Installing the correct ventilation system, including extraction fans, is a crucial aspect of every grow room, greenhouse, or hydroponics setup. Here at Benchmark Hydroponics, we can help you find the right hydroponic exhaust fans that Melbourne has to offer for your specific setup. As experts, we are well-positioned to suggest the most suitable hydro fans for your set-up. Browse our range of models from leading brands here online including Can-Fan, Phresh and Cultiv8.


      Fresh air helps keep plants stable which is vital for them to survive. Hydroponic plants transpire water much faster than plants grown in the ground, so it’s critical to always keep a fresh supply of air to the plants, otherwise, you may experience slower growth or mould. Fans not only help with ventilation in your grow room, but they make it much easier to control temperature and humidity. The temperature in your grow room can adversely affect plant functions and stress your plants. Humidity also affects how fast a plant can take up water and nutrients in your set up. Hydroponic fans perform other important functions, including controlling odour, and plant diseases so you avoid the use of chemicals and pesticides on your plants. Plant diseases tend to develop in areas where the air is still and humid. This is caused by the build-up of moisture leaf surfaces which cannot evaporate without fresh air and regular airflow.

      Get The Best Growth Possible With Hydro Fans

      Fans help to control the environment your plants grow in which in turn affects the quality of your crop. If you want to give your hydroponic setup the best chance of growing optimal plants, you must add a hydroponic fan to your list of equipment. Hydroponic fans will provide airflow for your plants and allow you to control the growing environment. You can find a great range of hydroponic fans in Melbourne, right here at Benchmark Hydroponics. Shop online or visit us in-store for friendly customer service and expert advice