Fabric Plant Pots in Australia


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      At Benchmark Hydroponics, we bring you the finest selection of fabric planter pots in a range of sizes. Fabric plant pots are the most versatile piece for any grow setup. Created from breathable fabrics, the pots are less prone to transpiration loss and offer a healthy environment for the roots. The pots are robust and offer several benefits. With fabric pots, the plant roots develop to become much more efficient in absorbing water and nutrients. The porous nature of the pots ensures that air enters the root zone for the healthy growth of the plant. If you are looking for fabric pots, explore the range that we have here.

      8 products

      8 products

      Fabric Planter Pots for Hydroponics

      Fabric pots are highly versatile and can be used even in flood and drain systems as the nutrients can be absorbed from all sides through the pot. Fabric pots allow the free movement of air and this ensures that oxygen directly reaches the roots from every side. This creates the perfect system for the roots to breathe and for microbes to thrive. The breathability of the fabric also keeps the roots cool. Plants in fabric pots tend to grow faster and are healthier than the ones that are grown in regular pots.

      At Benchmark Hydroponics, we have sturdy options in various sizes to encourage a healthy root system. The pots ensure healthy growth for maximum oxygenation and are created to increase yields. The pots also lower the risk of transplant shocks and make the ideal choice for growing various types of plants. The lightweight and portable nature make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

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      If you are a gardening enthusiast, you should check out the fabric plant pots that we have.A healthy root system is essential for the overall growth of a plant. Fabric pots offer just the ideal environment for roots enabling them to thrive. If you are looking for pots for better growing results, check out the wide range of fabric pots that we have here. With fabric pots, you can air prune the root when they reach the edge of the container. This process makes the roots branch out with feeder roots, making them more efficient. A good drainage system is created for the healthy development of roots. The pots also ensure an effortless transplant and free drainage from the bottom. Overwatering is often a problem but with fabric pots, it is nearly impossible to overwater.

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      If you are looking for fabric pots online in Australia, we have the best in store for you. As specialists, we bring you the best products for your hydroponic journey. We have everything that you may require to make your hydroponic system successful. We are always adding to our range to bring you the latest in the market. If you have any questions or are looking for something specific, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you. Call us today to find out more..