Complete Hydroponic Kits in Australia


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      We bring you the best hydroponic kits in Australia with detailed instructions on how to get started. We have a wide range of complete hydroponic grow kits that come with everything you require to start growing hydroponically. From hydroponics starter kits to small hydroponic kits, we have it all here. Our complete hydroponic kits are suitable for beginners and have all the supplies required. Whether you are planning a small system to grow your own lettuce and herbs, or a large system that can cater for plants of all types, we have a hydroponic grow kit for you. If you are looking for a hydroponic system for sale, we have the best deals for you. We also have small hydroponic garden kits here. Check out our hydro kits in Australia and buy a hydroponic system from us today.

      36 products

      36 products


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      Start with one of the hydroponic starter kits we offer or indulge in one of the more aggressive hydroponic grow kits Melbourne has to offer. Whether you need an indoor hydroponic kit or complete hydroponic kits, we have the right home hydroponics kit here. All you need to do is assemble the parts and your hydroponic grow kit is ready to go! If you’d like to learn more about our complete hydroponic kits, speak to our dedicated team here at Benchmark Hydroponics. We carry a large range of products including small hydroponic kits and would be happy to help you choose your hydroponic starter kits in Melbourne & Australia wide. We’ll happily answer your questions so that you walk away with the confidence to hit the ground running, no matter which kit you choose. Check out our Hydroponic grow kits in Australia and buy from the comfort of your home.


      Hydroponic grow kits include the system itself, pots, lights, nutrients, the appropriate substrate depending on what hydroponic system you decide on purchasing and everything else you need to get growing. We have removed all the guesswork and give you the best chance of maximising your hydroponic production. All that's required is piecing it all together, filling the system with water and nutrient solution, and you’re ready to start growing. There's no limit to what you can grow with a hydroponic starter kit in Melbourne, and unlike traditional gardening, you don’t often have to worry about the harsh outdoors and the threats it brings like insects, hostile weather, and disease. Buy a hydroponic system from us today.


      We bring you a home hydroponics kit that makes the ideal choice for beginners. Our hydroponics starter kit is designed to simplify it for you and make your growing experience a seamless one. We have small hydroponic garden kits as well as indoor hydroponic kits to suit your precise needs. Buy from our range of hydroponic grow kits today.


      Looking for Hydroponics kits for sale?

      We have different hydroponics kits for sale and our kits are priced competitively. Based on your needs, you can explore the wide range of hydro setups for sale and pick something that best works for you. You can explore the hydroponic system for sale that we have here. Complete Hydroponic grow kits are available in various sizes. Therefore, before you purchase, it helps if you assign a space for your setup. The allocated space will vary for every house, so considering this factor will give you a better understanding of your kit requirement. Similarly, if you’re looking to harvest more plants, you'll need a larger setup. Similarly, a smaller kit will be enough for a few plants. When getting started with hydroponics or trying out a new hydroponic kit, knowing where to begin can be tricky. To help you understand every aspect of your system and kit, we offer our customers free expert advice. The Benchmark Hydroponics team wants you to know your new hydroponics equipment inside out, so you can get the most from your system. Find out more about our hydroponic grow kits in Australia.