What Are Hydroponic Systems and How Do They Work?

Are you interested to know about hydroponics in Melbourne? Although it is a simple plant production method where a nutrient solution is used instead of soil, there are different variations available. You can make use of hydroponics and skip the use of soil and grow your plants in nutrient-enriched water using various hydroponics supplies.

To help you understand better, let’s start with- What Is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is defined as the art of gardening without the use of soil. Here, the entire hydroponics system process heavily relies on water for providing the essential nutrients and hydration to the plants. Hydroponic systems utilise lesser space and water when compared to other types of gardening.

What Are The Various Advantages Of Hydroponics?

Conserves Land and Water

If you have the hydroponics kits, you can combine hydroponics with farming techniques to grow plants without soil. This way they’ll take up lesser land space and water when compared to plants grown in soil.

Grows Year-Round

Hydroponic plants can be grown and contained within a greenhouse. If you’re doing hydroponics in Melbourne, you won’t have to worry about external conditions including pests, temperature and climate. Plants grow throughout the year no matter the weather.

Higher Yields

As hydroponics occurs in a controlled environment, creating ideal conditions for the plants to grow is not difficult. Plants will receive the right amount of nutrients, thus ensuring higher yields than other traditional farming methods.

No Soil Required

To grow plants, you don’t need to have a particular type of soil. All you need is some hydroponics supplies and you are good to go. This will eliminate the chances of crops being damaged due to soil erosion or nutrient degradation. Soil is not a concern to grow better quality crops with hydroponics.

How Does Hydroponics Work?

Before we start with how hydroponic works, you must have the following components to begin the process-

Growing Media

It is one of the most essential hydroponics supplies  acting as a substitute for soil. The role of this media is to retain moisture in addition to the nutrients and supply it to the plant.

Air Stones and Pumps

Air stones and air pumps are commonly used to disperse tiny oxygen bubbles. These bubbles once dissolved properly ensure the even distribution of nutrients in your solution.

Netted Pots

The pots firmly hold the hydroponic plants. The material supplies oxygen and essential nutrients to the plant roots. It also provides a proper drainage system allowing excess water to move out.

How Hydroponics in Melbourne Works?

As stated earlier, a hydroponic system work by providing nutrients and water to the plants. An advanced nutrient solution is used instead of soil and ensures the growth of the plants. You can control how much light and water is to be supplied to the hydroponics. The pH levels can also be altered and monitored, creating a highly customised environment will help you accelerate plant growth and minimise the risk of plant damage.

The nutrient solution is one of the most important hydroponics supplies consisting of nitrogen, potassium, calcium, and other essential minerals. Water supports the growth of plant roots and the hydroponics medium offers quick and easy drainage.

A high-intensity discharge light is used for photosynthesis in green, leafy vegetables and flowering plants. The Ph level also needs to be regulated depending on your plant and medium used.

What Do You Need?

The hydroponics kits typically include a hydroponic, small pump, chemical tank, drip Irrigation system, microtubes, electrical fittings and a stainless-steel stand. This kit is useful for growing plants on your rooftop, factory or balcony.

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