5 Things to Know About LED Grow Lights

Your plants need to grow properly but if there aren’t placed in the right location it may keep them from getting optimum sunlight. For this, you need to install LED hydroponic grow lights to produce enough light for your growing plants.

The best thing about LED grow lights in Australia is that they are manufactured and designed for specific applications and match the light your plants need.

If you are not sure whether you should be using LED lights to grow your plants, this blog can help. Keep reading and find out all you need to know about LED hydroponic grow lights to make a well-informed decision.

Here we are going to share 5 important things to know about LED grow lights.

Controlled Environment:

The Lumatek LED grow lights consists of small electronic components that generate energy. By using LED lights, you’ll have control over environment temperature and your plant’s exposure to heat. The light fixtures only emit an ideal spectrum for plants. You can control the colour spectrum emitted by the lights and install the lights in a limited space as well.

Emits Correct Wavelength:

The LED hydroponic grow lights contain diodes manufactured as per the accurate specifications to ensure they emit correct wavelengths. The latest technology is used to manufacture durable diodes. However, they may be a bit expensive but they last long and emit just the right amount of light intensity required by your plants to grow. While purchasing the LED lights, you need to make sure only high-end electrical components are used to design your LEDs.

LED Lens and Lens Output:

Your Lumatek LED grow lights  may focus or spread light, it all depends on the type of lens your lights have.  Some lenses are designed to concentrate the light directly while others utilise reflectors to diffusers the light. While buying a new LED grow light, you need to be 100% sure about its lens. The lenses that concentrate the emitted light can be further used to maximise the light density thus creating a custom light array that would be perfect for the plants. Your LEDs must deliver more light intensity along with greater efficiency and beam control.

More Emery Efficient and Better for Community:

The LED hydroponic grow lights offer the perfect targeted energy-efficient solution for indoor plant cultivation. They consume lesser energy without compromising on the quality of brightness. They produce much lesser heat as compared to other types of bulbs. They create a controlled environment for the growth of plants. This will significantly reduce the use of pesticides and chemicals, also LED fixtures do not contain mercury which means they are safer.

Dissipates Heat:

As stated above the Lumatek LED grow lights produce less heat. The lights consist of high-quality electrical components to keep the plants cool. The LED chips work efficiently and dissipate the heat properly. Based on your LED lights mounting requirements, you can choose any of the LED models of your choice. The supreme quality heat sinks do not require any cooling fan and run silently. This way the lights can be used in any room or space for hours.

Need LED grow lights in Australia? At Benchmark Bioponics, we have a variety of highly durable and versatile LED grow lights that will be perfect for your indoor garden. If you’re not sure about the LED light model, our experts will help you choose the right product based on your planting requirements.